Lithgow  Small  Arms  Factory  Museum

Opened to the public in October of 1996, the L.S.A.F. Museum displays items of historical, cultural, military and commercial nature from the Small Arms Factory. Previously an in-house reference collection, in 1999 Australian Defence Industries made a gift of their historic collection of some 1,000 service firearms, edged weapons and associated items to the volunteer-run Lithgow Small Arms Museum Inc. New displays are ongoing and more recently include many handguns, rifles and other items from the Ron Hayes collection. This superb collection, probably one of the finest privately-owned pistol collections in the southern hemisphere, was gifted to the Lithgow Small Arms Museum at the official launch of the new 'Hayes Handgun Omnibus' book on 29th July 2007.


As the Lithgow Small Arms Museum is a deductible gift recipient under the Income Tax Assessment Act, all donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

For students and researchers, a library, factory records, photographs and such facilities are being established for visitor access. See 'Collector' annual #22 for a colour spread (pp. 98-99) on the museum. 'Collector' annual #23 also has a 2-page colour spread (pp110-111) showing some recent items from the Ron Hayes collection currently on display at the LSAF Museum as well.
Memberships will be open to interested collectors and historians in future with a journal being circulated. Join us in this expanding horizon of collecting as we expand our facilities to an increasing number of members and visitors.

     Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum                                                                      Location: 69 Methven St. opposite Ordnance Ave.,
     P.O. Box 564                                                            
                                            Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia
                                      Tel: 02 6351 4452 (int. +61 2 6351 4452)
     N.S.W. 2790
                                                                                                         Fax: 02 6351 4511 (int. +61 2 6351 4511)


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